Premier Communication Skill-Building For Investment & Wealth Management Firms and their Financial Professionals

There’s no shortage of content produced internally or obtained externally and it just keeps coming and coming. The problem is what are your financial professionals doing with all this information? How much is conveyed in a meaningful and compelling way from your financial professionals to their prospects, clients and centers-of-influence?

Fin-Comm offers Premier Communication Skill-Building programs that will increase acceptance and adoption of the investment and wealth management solutions your firm provides. We’ll also help you position and train your managers, internal sales forces, product teams and other key individuals to advocate, model and support these initiatives.

Read the Market Research Report on why communication skill-building programs are more relevant than ever.

Subject Matter Expertise

Fin-Comm will assist you and your financial professionals with subject matter addressing any or all of the four cornerstones of wealth through our programs and workshops that will be customized for your needs and objectives.

Clarity of Message

Fin-Comm will help you improve or recraft the messaging for proprietary subject matter or develop new materials that your financial professionals will embrace and use more effectively with clients and prospects.

Speaking Engagements

Bob Finder is available to deliver keynote addresses at special firm events or conferences. He can also assist your firm’s leadership in developing and delivering impactful messaging for internal and external audiences.

Let’s schedule an appointment to discuss Premier Communication Skill-Building programs and workshops for your firm.