Financial professionals have a choice.

1. The Parity Bucket. This choice is for the thousands of financial professionals who embrace and are comfortable with complacency. The status quo serves them well. They’re too busy to work on improving themselves, and besides they know how to get by.

If the parity bucket is where you and your team can be found, there’s no need to go on. But if you’re not satisfied with being average—if you know you’re not coming close to realizing your potential, and if you believe in yourself and want to be a truly exceptional financial professional, then please keep reading and watching.

2. Separation and Distance. The second choice is to separate and distance yourself from the competition by focusing your attention, channeling your energy, and submitting to what it takes to be an elite performer: preparation, practice and a commitment to never settle for anything except the best results.

Great performers require self-awareness, vulnerability, the courage to ask for help and the ability to take constructive criticism. Great performers are curious and creative and unafraid to take calculated risks to win the day. And they seek out and embrace customized coaching and counsel.