Premier Alliances with Investment Management & Insurance Companies

Investment managers and insurance companies must bring something meaningful and fresh to financial professionals and their firms if they want to be relevant. Traditional, product-oriented wholesaling and conventional “value-added” materials won’t cut it any longer. Their approach needs to align with and complement the strategies and initiatives advanced by client firms. And it needs to be adopted and utilized by the target audience.

In addition, representatives of the money managers and insurance companies must possess and impart superior communication and decision-making skills to become indispensable partners to the financial professionals they serve.

Read the Market Research Report on why communication skill-building programs are more relevant than ever.

Professional Development

No firm or company’s products can always be top-performing, but your representatives can. Fin-Comm offers customized communication skill-building programs and workshops that will make your representatives better sales people, consultants, teachers and colleagues.

Raise the professionalism of your representatives and increase their productivity.

Deliver critical information about solutions and strategies more effectively.

Increase the respect, appreciation and loyalty shown to your representatives and firm.

Foster long-lasting relationships between financial advisors and your representatives and firm.

Premier Value-Added Content

Fin-Comm will develop, deliver, or most preferably partner with your representatives to deliver customized communication skill-building programs and workshops for financial professionals at your client firms.

Speaking Engagements

Bob Finder is available to deliver keynote addresses on your behalf at special events or conferences for client firms. He can also assist your firm’s leadership in developing and delivering impactful messaging for internal and external audiences.

Let’s schedule an appointment to discuss forging a Premier Alliance between our firms.