Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value and protect the privacy of all visitors to our website and of the individuals who voluntarily provide their information to us. This privacy policy applies to information we collect through this website, as well as information we may collect by other “offline” means, including without limitation, business development activities, consultations, coaching assignments, digital meetings, in-person meetings and other business transactions. By using this website and/or providing us with your personal information, you agree to accept the terms of our Privacy Policy.

User-Supplied Information

We collect user-supplied information that is voluntarily provided to us via submission forms on our website and through offline means such as noted above. Personal information we may request includes your name, phone number, email, the name of your business, your reason for contacting us, and any additional information you choose to provide regarding your interest in our services any subsequent engagement of our services and our work together.

We use user-supplied information to engage with prospective clients and to successfully carry-out our services with existing clients. We never sell your information to third parties, nor share your information with third parties unaffiliated with our organization without your express consent. For example: You may give us permission to discuss the subject matter of our work together.

with a third party such as your partner(s), colleague(s) or co-worker(s) in furtherance of the services we have agreed to provide you.

If you wish to remove your information from our system, or if you wish to stop the sharing of your information with anyone whom you have previously granted us permission to share such information with, please notify us in writing.

Any content uploaded to Fin-Comm’s video portal will only be viewed by Fin-Comm’s principals, associates and authorized parties. Fin-Comm will not share or repost your video(s) without your express consent. Please do not include any privileged, confidential or sensitive client information or data. And please abide by all policies and procedures that apply pursuant to your terms of employment and applicable regulations and laws.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding the use of user-supplied information, please contact us in writing at your earliest convenience.