The Financial Professional’s Guide to Communication

The Financial Professional's Guide to CommunicationIn writing The Financial Professional’s Guide to communication, I wanted to produce something that was practical, not theoretical or based on “scientific research” preordained to make the author’s point.

There are many great books about communication skills, but few written specifically for financial professionals. I think a lot of books are too long and get caught up in word count over quality and impact. My book is short, concise…to the point. A lot of readers have told me they frequently stop and note… “Yup that’s me, that’s what I’ve been doing to no avail, and now I know what to do get better results.”

My favorite parts of the book are the introduction and conclusion, sections that a lot of readers usually gloss over. They discuss “the dance” between the financial professional and his or her clients. The planning, orchestration, practice and execution, the building of trust between partners and the hundreds of steps – some large and simple, others small and intricate – that successful performances require. I may have two left feet on a dance floor, but I know how to choreograph and direct individuals and teams in the most important productions of your professional lives.

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Reviews of The Financial Professional’s Guide to Communication

Bob Finder’s book is a ‘how to’ in effective communication skills for financial advisors. In my opinion, one of the things that separates advisors in the middle of the pack from those who take this business to the end of the rainbow is good communication skills. Those at the top build lifetime relationships with clients. They have a sparkle that others lack. Bob Finder is offering you the tools to develop the sparkle, for it is that, combined with deep knowledge of your craft, that produces great advisors.

-Bill Good, Chairman of Bill Good Marketing, Inc. and author of Hot Prospects and Prospecting Your Way to Sales Success

Bob Finder has captured and expressed the essential elements of best practices for financial professionals. He has a passion for this business and for deep and meaningful relationships, and this passion shines throughout his book. The writing is straightforward, clear, and full of gems of insight. I recommend it to every financial professional as a must-read.

-Tim Ursiny, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Advantage Coaching and Training, author of The Coward’s Guide to Conflict and Coaching the Sale

Bob Finder thoroughly and clearly explains the importance of communication between financial advisors and their clients so clients can be better served and meet their investment objectives. Next to marriage and family, the relationship between financial advisors and their clients is one that both investors and advisors should cherish. Bob’s book is a must-read for all financial advisors and serious investors to properly set their investment objectives and follow a clear path to wealth.

-Louis Navellier, Chairman and Founder of Navellier & Associates, Inc.